What Is Kambo?


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P  S  Y  C  H  I  C     R  E  A  D  I  N  G  S
E  N  E  R  G  Y     H  E  A  L  I  N  G  S
K  A  M  B  O     C  E  R  E  M  O  N  I  E  S

My main goal as a psychic is to provide you with the guidance and the answers that you need.

My goal as a healer is to help you to overcome the blockages that are holding you back your in life, whether it's your inner child or adolescence. The things that are not resolved from our past often comes back to us in the present until we can resolve the things in our subconscious that need healing.

As a Kambo Practitioner, my goal is to hold space for you to receive the healing from Kambo and allow the medicine to do it's work to bring you what you need.

Hi! My name is Jinni Rose.

I am originally from the Philippines. I grew up here in California and have always been drawn to the spiritual world.

I had my spiritual awakening when I had cancer in 2014. During this time, I came to realize the limits of the medical system's ability to promote long lasting health and wellness. I sought out alternative treatments to help me recover and as of now I am still in remission thanks to those treatments. My body was tired after all the chemo I received and a healer that I was seeing introduced me to kambo. After receiving kambo multiple times, I was able to detox from everything that my body had been through and discover the warrior spirit in me. This led me to seek a deeper relationship with the medicine by become a practitioner.

Kambo transformed my life and now I seek to provide this medicine to others and aid them in their journey of healing.

What We Offer 


Overcome the blockages that are holding you back your in life with an energy healing session.


Get the guidance and answers that you need with a psychic reading.


Receive the healing from one of our Kambo ceremonies and allow the medicine to do it's work to bring you what you need.

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